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Mother Maya revolutionary work with MOM's health
education, family and community wellness and leadership programs have been receiving increasing global recognition and endorsement. These are some of the recognition we have received in the last few years:

Women's Initiative of World Spiritual Leaders: United Nations, Geneva , Switzerland
Mother Maya was one of the pre-eminent women world
leaders invited to speak on the success of her Inner Medicine Healing model and its radical new approach to health and healing that is transforming violence and disease into peace, nurturance, and health.

The Nautilus Awards Nominee
Among the Finalists - The Path of Practice: A Women's Book of Healing with Food, Breath, and Sound by Mother Maya

Millenium Peace Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders:
United Nations, New York, USA

Mother Maya - one of the august spiritual leaders
invited to the United Nations to talk at the Summit. Mother presented MOM's Peace Initiative with a powerful voice, "to achieve World Peace, we must first strive for inner harmony and health."

Whole Life Times Conference: Debra Evans, Director
Thank you for the wisdom, vision, and richness you brought to bare on Whole Life Conference in 1999. Your work makes a difference in immeasurable ways.

Healing Journeys and Marin General Hospital Institute for Health and Healing Humanities Program:
Healing Journeys and Stanford University : From Surviving To Thriving Conference

Jan Adrian, Executive Director: Thank you for your extraordinary participation in our conference, Cancer As A Turning Point. The conference was attended by almost 1200 people, half of whom were people living with cancer.

New York Open Center: A New Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century: Adele Heyman, Director of Education
You have brought to this groundbreaking, cross-cultural conference Your outstanding modality for preventative health care that combines ancient wisdom with the cutting edge of current research. We applaud you.

Institute of Noetic Sciences: Tom Hurley, Director of Education
Thank you for your outstanding contribution to Noetic Sciences Sixth Annual Conference. Your workshops helped enrich and deepen both the spirit and substance of the event, giving participants more opportunity for interactive and experiential contact with the ideas (of health and wellness) being explored than they tended to have in our general sessions. We deeply appreciate your playing such a pivotal role in making the conference a success. Your work certainly serves the larger work to which we are committed and in which we join you in partnership.


Some of the television, radio and printed press interviews on MOM's work and its founder, Mother Maya, follow:

Asheville Citizen Times: "Tiwari to represent the initiatives for poverty elimination at the unprecedented event, the United Nation's Millennium World Peace. Tiwari says, "if we can unite among ourselves, regardless of the differences in our traditions and belief systems, then we have a very strong chance of unity throughout the world."

New York Daily News: "Mother Maya message is a simple one - we must bring back family and community values we have left behind... we must reclaim these values if we are to preserve the health of our families and communities. We must start now to get healthy."

Self Magazine: A story on MOM's work for women

Yoga Journal: Cover Story on MOM's founder, Mother Maya and her outstanding model for health which informs MOM's work

New Dimensions Radio (NPR): Mother Maya was interviewed about her work in Ayurveda which informs MOM

Gary Null Show: Mother Maya was interviewed about her work in Ayurveda which informs MOM

CNBC Television: Alive and Wellness show with Carol Martin: Sri. Mother Maya discussed her second book, Ayurveda: Secrets of Healing, which is a best-selling primer on Ayurveda healing techniques and therapies one of the text books used at MOM

CNBC Television: America Is Talking: Mother Maya discussed her first book, Ayurveda, A Life of Balance, an international bestseller on healthy nutrition and the Ayurvedic concept of the individual body types. This book is also one of the text books used at MOM

ABC Television: covered workshop tour in Omaha by Mother Maya

GCTV: covered workshop event in Atlanta by Mother Maya

New York Times: Mother Maya extraordinary work is mentioned as part of a personal healing story from one of Wise Earth's long-time students.

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