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Modern science and technology contributes its part to the massive despair of our planet, constantly struggle to control that which they have fragmentized and are attempting to reconstruct `scientifically' to create a false whole. These deranged actions of our humankind have escalated the loss of species and the destruction of the rain forests and its prehistoric life. As a result the memories they carried with them that necessarily fill the web of life to maintain universal stasis, is lost.

Once we realize that we are supported by the greater energies of nature, we discover that violence, disharmony and disease arise from forgetfulness of our True Self-- the Self that is intrinsically Whole and Conscious. When we are awakened to the Self, we become aware of our individual sense of consciousness that seek to love, protect, nurture, and nourish the Self and all life. Each thought and therefore every action must give consciousness, and care.

Health and harmony are our natural state of being. Indeed, we are wellness. We are consciousness. Violence is an imposter. Health, peace, and prosperity are the result of lifeways that are in harmony among all who share the living space of earth, and contribute to the regard for nature and her cycles, seasons, and rhythms. There is only one way to a richly fulfilling, healthful and peaceful life and that is the path based on the time proven, timeless wisdom of nature that we have either forgotten or learned to ignore. To recover our memory of harmony intrinsic to the human spirit it is imperative that we develop love, awareness and respect for Self, Mother Nature and Her creation.

At this very moment, one little shift in consciousness is all we need to make a personal commitment to inner harmony. The only price for peace is what we are willing to donate toward the investment of cultivating the True Self. May each one of you find courage to evoke the memory of your inner medicine nurtured by Mother Nature. fulfillment of dharma, divine law. For the system of dharma to be universally valid, it must meet all the necessities of life - it must provide love, compassion, support, health, prosperity in all states of existence to all peoples and must be adept at serving the manifold needs and conditions of all communities. The Vedic way of life is rooted in the system of dharma. From the beginning, the Vedic tradition has advocated harmony among all peoples and all life forms, and this awareness has led to the ethical virtues that formed the Hindu lifestyle that are based on ahimsa - nonviolence, nonhurtfulness; in other words, reverence for all forms of life and the protection of nature's resources.

PAVE and WAVE Initiative will present a series of holistic, life generating practices you may endeavor to start cultivating inner harmony and Pave the way to Peace: The primary pillar for inner harmony practice is the cultivation of a vegetarian lifestyle. This Initiative does not view vegetarianism as a choice, but rather, as requisite human sustenance from which our innate memory of gentleness and compassion can emerge. Indeed, becoming a Sakahari - one who nourishes one's vital tissues with consciousness by feasting only on nature's earth growing vegetation - is a primal change toward making the commitment to Peace.

MOM's Practice for Peace: Vegetarianism
Vegetarianism as a way of peaceful living is a primal necessity toward the cultivation of inner harmony, inner health and world peace. Sakahara, the Sanskrit word for vegetarianism, means to imbibe and ingest nature's vegetables grown on the earth, in other words to live a sattvic, peace-generating, life. There can be no peace on Earth until we eradicate the mentality of violence. For this, we have to stop killing. To transform the mind of violence into an instrument of peace, we must do our inner work. Inner harmony cannot be achieved while life at any level suffers.

Taittiriya Upanishad says, "From the Earth came herbs. From herbs came the seed that gave life to humans." Vedas maintain that food for human is annam - of plant origin, which to some extent, is dependent on the earth's minerals, supplemented by the natural foods provided by animal, i.e., milk and honey - in other words, foods obtained without slaughtering the animal themselves.

In Secrets of Healing, I wrote, "We have distanced ourselves so far from the knowledgeable and reverent trading with nature practiced by the ancients that we can no longer barter with the lives of the animal for our survival because the most necessary faculty -- our ability to remember cognitively -- has become dramatically diminished. Through the loss of our own cognitive memories, we are unable to recognize the sacred memories carried by the animals."
In ancient practice, animal sacrifice for authentic human needs was conducted with permission from Mother Nature herself. Such a permit was `granted' owing to the intention of the human heart --

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's book, Dancing with Siva, informs, "the meat-eater's desire for meat drives another to kill and provide that meat. The act of the butcher begins with the desire of the consumer. Meat-eating contributes to the mentality of violence, for with the chemically complex meat ingested, one absorbs the slaughtered creature's fear, pain, and terror." In the US, 660,000 animals are butchered for meat every hour. Essentially, the senseless violence inherent in killing of animals today massively corrupts humanity's intrinsic sense of peace.

In maintaining a vegetarian lifeway, we contribute our consciousness to desisting the senseless slaughtering of the animals. As a result the treachery prevalent in "animal husbandry" today along with the artillery of poisons, chemicals, hormones, rendered protein, antibodies, and arsenic stimulants used to fatten the animal for its meat, will invariably desist. Humanity must recover its intrinsic memory of compassion if we are to survive our present predicament.

Ancient Vaidya, Sushruta, tells us, " A sattvic diet gladdens the heart, nourishes the body, and revives memory." Maintaining a sattvic diet is likely to reveal the treasure trove of heart where the memory of compassion resides.

Wise Earth Hermitage's Note: The afore-mentioned Address had been excerpted from Mother Maya's presentation at the unprecedented Millennium Peace Summit of World's Religious and Spiritual Leaders that occurred at the United Nations, New York, in 2000. Mother's presentation -- Pave the Way to Peace with Health and Inner Harmony - expounds the simple truth that world peace is entirely possible once each and every individual learn to cultivate inner harmony and good health. We see Mother's simple message as being crucial to the world culture and time we live in. There is great tendency to underestimate the power of simple solutions that concern self-transformation and the profound role it plays in the act of peacemaking.

Mother Om Mission
MOM is a non-governmental, charitable organization whose goal is to restore individual health and community harmony. MOM supports at-risk communities by empowering community members with the education and tools needed to reclaim a sense of shared responsibility for their well being, making the most powerful education available to the poorest communities on earth. MOM's inner medicine education strives to examine all aspects -- cultural, social, economic, and spiritual - to transform violence, poverty and disease into nurturance and health by focusing on an reawakening their inner resources for healing. MOM has been mobilizing an international sustaining health and wellness force.

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