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   Harmony is the material that creates peace. When personal desire or communal challenge come in conflict with codes of conduct that is divine law, the mind is likely to source its response in ignorance. Every battle, war or fight, whether personal, religious, or political, sprang from someone's conflicted thought, followed by the articulation and expression of that thought. Evidenced by the great expenditures of war and the gigantic mess of violence in the world we live in, world leaders pose more like war mongers than peace makers. The process of peace eludes the world because we - the individual human person - have either forgotten or learned to ignore the living wisdom that protects life.

   Personal peace must come first. Cultivating inner harmony is an imperative necessity before we can experience health and peace at any level. To achieve our inner resolve, we must make a commitment to harmony. Our primary commitment at Wise Earth Hermitage - which I founded twenty three years ago - is to harmony. Each one of us must strive to make this commitment greater than any other commitment or particular goal in our life. Goals change, problems change, perspectives change, but harmony is unchanging. Collectively, we can find infinite strength when we make harmony our ultimate priority.

   We are at a critical juncture in the evolution of spiritual understanding. Do we have the spiritual resources necessary to meet the present challenges? Evidently we do. For timeless eon, the essential truths of living in accordance with divine law proclaimed by the rishis - Vedic seers - and numerous other faith traditions have been common knowledge throughout the world confirmed again and again as necessary to the welfare and harmony of life and living.

   The Vedic tradition, to which I belong, teaches the principle of ahimsa - living in harmony with each other and all life through the transparent and conscious act of nonviolence and nonhurtfulness. Ahimsa informs that each person -- from all traditions, cultures, and religions, and every life form -- including space, air, water, earth, forest, and even a speck of sand -- possesses consciousness and energy. It is essential for humanity to recover its intrinsic memory of ahimsa - compassion and awareness - if we are to survive our present predicament.

    According to the Vedas, ahimsa is the foremost human obligation in fulfillment of dharma, divine law. For the system of dharma to be universally valid, it must meet all the necessities of life - it must provide love, compassion, support, health, prosperity in all states of existence to all peoples and must be adept at serving the manifold needs and conditions of all communities. The Vedic way of life is rooted in the system of dharma. From the beginning, the Vedic tradition has advocated harmony among all peoples and all life forms, and this awareness has led to the ethical virtues that formed the Hindu lifestyle that are based on ahimsa - nonviolence, nonhurtfulness; in other words, reverence for all forms of life and the protection of nature's resources.

   Ahimsa is a commitment to harmony. There can be no peace on Earth until we eradicate the mentality of violence. For this, we have to stop killing. If the paramount karma of humanity is to manifest peace, then we must first understand what it means to live peacefully. Peace cannot be gained without the personal cultivation of inner harmony and health for all humankind and compassion for all species. Harmony cannot be achieved at any level while any form of life suffers.

   Peace, like violence, exists in manifold layers of existence. Harmony cannot be partial to the wealthy and privileged at the expense of those who are hungry and poor; justice cannot be partial to perpetrators at the expense of their victims; peace cannot be partial to the human species at the expense of other species. By divine ordinance, every person, animal, tree, river, and sky has a primordial and fundamental right to life and to live. The primeval right of the human is the right to live. The primeval right of the animal is the right to live.

   The ancients have given us the knowledge to cultivate the reverence that allows human consciousness and its infinite diversity to express itself in Oneness. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle with its acquired dependencies and deep-rooted imbalances alienates us from harmony. Human actions have severely trespassed humanity and nature's resources. We have learnt to live in communities - such as in my homeland of Guyana - that are riddled with violence, killings, hate crimes and manifold layers of pathologies. Every day 24,000 people die from hunger related causes. Impoverishment of the human spirit manifesting in the form of starvation, poverty, disease, and despair are paramount crimes against humanity, no less so than the atrocities of war. How can happiness and peace be within reach as long as the greater majority of humanity (almost 75% of the world's population) suffers so shamefully. In the last 50 years, almost 400 million people worldwide died from hunger, while the richest 20% of the world's population has been preoccupied with 80% of the world's consumption of goods and services.   next page >>

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