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            Prayer Time: Monday at 6:00am -7:00am Eastern               Standard Time
            Place: Wherever you are in the Universe

Mother Maya observes fasting and Vedic prayers every Monday for the health challenged and distressed. To list your name on Mother's Prayer Scroll, you may sign in on our Vow Registry and place your request for Mother's Darshana. Go to:

Santipatha: Vedic Prayer for World Peace

May each and every person strive to achieve inner harmony - essential memory of the heart that safeguards human compassion.
May you remember the Profound Prayer of Peace resounded by the Rishis from timeless beginning for the noble benefit of all species.
May you inculcate the spirit of love, compassion, and nurturance for all live, and may your awareness for all live -- humans, animals, trees, earth, space, air, water, fire, and, indeed, every speck of sand -- grow in quantum leaps.
May you shift your consciousness to generate reverence for all life.
May you never participate in or contribute to the pain of another person or species.
May you encourage others to desist partaking in the killing and eating of the animals. As long as humans kill, there can be no peace.

"Swasti prajabhyah paripalayantam
  Nyayena margena mahim mahisah
  Gobrahmanebhyah subhamastu nityam
  Lokasamasta sukhino bhavantu
  Kale varsatu parjanyah prthivi sasyasalini
  Deso yam ksobarahitah brahmanah santu nirbhayah
  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti "

May everyone be prosperous. May the peacemakers righteously rule the Earth. Let the animals and people of wisdom be protected at all times. May all be happy. May the rains come at the proper time. May the Earth produce grains. May the world be free from famine. May the people of contemplation have no cause for fear.


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