People Against Violent Energies (PAVE)
Women Against Violent Energies (WAVE)

Mother calls on each and every person to make a commitment to inner harmony by converting to vegetarianism. Mother urges you to do your inner work - dig deeply into the very heart of conscience to transform the mind of violence into an instrument of peace.

Shift And Awaken Individual Awareness
In so doing, we must accept our part in contributing to the inhumane cruelty inflicted on the animal. In the USA, 660,000 animals are butchered for meat every hour. The animals' suffering adds to the universe's vibration of lawlessness, injustice, and inhumanity that affect and afflict the present human condition.

Make A Commitment To Inner Harmony
You are contributing to the cosmic conscious wellspring that generates public awareness to desist crimes against animals prevalent in the animal-uncare throughout the world.
Inner harmony cannot be achieved at any level while we continue to mindlessly slaughter the animals to fill our stomachs and satisfy our appetites for flesh and blood and profit.

Transform Your Sense Of Taste
Awakening awareness transforms your sense of taste.
To change our prodigious sense of taste, we must first cultivate respect for and awareness of nature through the practices of food, breath and sound (See Wise Earth Ayurveda).
  Our sense of taste and desire are conceived through our tissue and ancestral memories of which both forms of memories are seeded in the human psyche. This psyche is conducive to the subtle conditions of the universe - rhythms of body and mind are patterned after cosmic vibrations. However conscious we may appear to be, we may not recognize that each and every one of us experiences at varying levels of being - the collective emotional imprint of all species.
  For example, in the subtle plane of human psyche, we feel the pain, agony, fear and terror that the animal experiences in the horrific journey toward its slaughter. After consuming the animal's flesh, we carry these emotional imprints in a more manifested way within our tissue memory.

Make a Moral Commitment to Life
Seceding personal responsibility for eating flesh to the customs and traditions of our ancestors is not an acceptable reality. The nature of our present time and space necessitates each and every person to make a moral commitment to life. We can feed the hungry of the earth ten times over when each and every human inhabitant on the earth commits to a vegetarian lifestyle.
 °  60% of US farmland is used for beef production, and to produce each pound of beef requires 16 pounds of edible grain and bean.
 °  One thousand million people in the world can be fed and nourished properly if every person in the US became a vegetarian.
 °  250% more of nature's resources are needed to produce (pound for pound) meat than to produce grains, vegetables, and fruits.
 °  USA uses 33% of its natural resources and raw materials for its production of livestock compared to a mere 2% of the same resources to produce a vegetarian diet.

There can be no peace on earth until we eradicate the mentality of violence. For this, we have to stop the killing. Vegetarianism is a Vedic edict for harmonious living and, in our present world culture it must be considered a moral necessity for all cultures, traditions and religions. Vegetarianism is a primary necessity if we are to transform the world's conflict, chaos and corruption into human cooperation, compassion, and care.

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