People Against Violent Energies (PAVE)
Women Against Violent Energies (WAVE)

PAVE the way to Peace:
WAVE the Banner of Inner Harmony

The Mission: People Against Violent Energy (PAVE) and, in particular, Women Against Violent Energy(WAVE) are the offspring of MOM's Peace Initiative that emerged in Spring, 2000. The goal of both Initiatives is to teach individuals and community members at large the principles and practices to cultivate inner harmony. This Initiative broadcasts the collective expression of loving embrace and compassion through the universal sound waves from which life is formed. Once we take the oath of harmony, we voice our intent to ourselves and thereby invoke our awareness to bear witness to our sankalpa, or sacred vow. In this way, we influence the global energy of awareness, and enliven the action of love and compassion in each crevice of every mind and hear in all tangents of the Earth. You are invited to participate in MOM's Peace Initiative in the following ways.

MOM'S Call to Vegetarianism
Taking The Sacred Oath of a Sakahari
Four Steps To Becoming a Vegetarian
Join Mother in Prayer for World Unity

Download MOM's Peace Flyers for Community Use

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