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 Mother Om Mission (MOM) is a charitable, non-governmental organization founded on Mother’s Day in 1998 by Mother Maya- a pioneer in the field of Ayurveda and Inner Medicine healing and whole life education for the individual, family, and community. For the past 16 years, MOM has been mobilizing an international sustaining health, harmony and wellness force. MOM has successfully established several working models in the Caribbean, Latino, African and Asian communities in New York. MOM is a non-governmental organization, based in Guyana, SA.
  In 1999, Mother Maya returned to her birth land in Guyana, South America to serve the people of Guyana, train instructors and volunteers and establish a site for MOM’s extraordinary work. The progress in Guyana, SA has been slow but steady considering the challenging environment of long-term racial oppression, drug related wars, moral decay that define the everyday current of life there. Due to manifold layers of political, economical, and social strife, Guyana is lagging behind in global awareness and the movement to restore good health, inner harmony, and self-sustenance.
 In 2000, Maya began a seven-year long campaign to train local instructors in several communities in Guyana, and has been working tirelessly to bring about change for the betterment of life in the communities we serve. In 2006, the historic Peace Tour of His Holiness, Swami Dayananda Sarasvati served to mobilize harmony and strengthen cooperation among the racial factions of the country. Guyana is largely inhabited by Guyanese of East Indian and African descent and, to a lesser extent, by its original native people, the Amerindians. To give a brief history: Guyana is country of vast natural resources and a substantial population of impoverished people, Guyana lies on the northeastern shoulder of South America, on the continent’s Atlantic seaboard. It is a country the size of Britain, but with a population of only 1 million people, most of whom are concentrated along a narrow coastal plain. Guyana shares the rainforest with Brazil, and its advantageous positioning close to the equator makes Guyana hinterlands rich with prana. It is said that the Guyana’s rainforest alone provides 75% of the world oxygen! Given this magnificent ecological clime in the Amazon, entrepreneurs in Guyana are building a a budding eco-tourism industry. The communities that MOM serves in Guyana comprises a wide plateau of spiritual, emotional, and physical illnesses. MOM has also been working tirelessly to address the meteoric rise of homicide caused by interracial violence, domestic violence, suicide, drugs and alcoholism, life threatening diseases such as AIDS, cancer and diabetes. One of the main reasons the situation appears daunting is the chronic lack of education in rural areas, and almost a half-century long political unrest since Guyana’s independence from British rule.
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