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  Mission Statement

Mother OM Mission (MOM) is a charitable, non-governmental organization whose goal is to bring Wise Earth Ayurveda health education and support to communities throughout the world. MOM aims to support at-risk communities by empowering them with the holistic education needed to restore health, abundance and a sense of shared responsibility for healthful family community life. MOM employs the inner medicine healing model of healing developed by the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda. MOM's grassroots programs bring education directly to community members who have little or no access to health education or health care. MOM's work is primarily concerned with the needs of economically depressed communities, and serves people of all ancestral, cultural, and social backgrounds.

MOM has several out-reach, community-based health educational programs - workshops, lectures, and training - nutrition, organic gardening, community food-sharing, yoga, meditation and chanting, ecology and environment, conservation, women's issues, domestic and social problems like alcoholism and domestic abuse. All programs and assistance are offered free of charge.

The education offered in MOM's courses are not meant for intructors to diagnosis disease or prescribe remedies, therapies, or any other procedures. The purpose of MOM's education is to help at-risk community members cultivate good health, self sufficiency and inner awareness.