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Mother OM Mission
~ Health~ Harmony~ Nurturance for All ~

The universe is founded on the act of sacrifice, and all of Mother Nature’s forests and plants unflinchingly adhere to this standard.  Plants bend before the tides of the seasons, they dazzle us with their beauty, bring forth exquisite flowers, fruits, fragrances, colors, and abundant nourishment. The Mother bestows trillions of gifts onto each and every one of us ~ free of charge. Her act of yajna, divine sacrifice, is also to be emulated by humanity for the well being of and harmony for all.  The more we give, the greater our gifts become. So important is the spirit of open-handedness that the rishis devised Dana Mudra as a way to cultivate this extraordinary virtue.

Mother OM Mission
MOM’S Second Plea for Financial Support

Practice the Vedic Art of Dana, open-handedness, in other words, giving something back to the Mother. Sharing your good fortune is one of the virtues that leads directly to personal consciousness ~ and a way of connecting to the humanitarian efforts of the Mother OM Mission (MOM) work and service.

In this spirit, we are writing to invite your philanthropic support for our very first fund-raising drive since MOM was founded in May, 1998. For the past years, MOM’s work and service to humanity has been supported through the patronage of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, its major benefactor. Your gift to MOM will be used in the coming year to foster Ayurveda education scholarships for 100 students in the at-risk communities who would otherwise have no means to these studies.

Scholarships have been at the heart of the Mother OM Mission charitable work which takes Wise Earth Ayurveda® Inner Medicine Healing programs and services – free of charge- to several undeserved, at-risk communities in New York’s inner cities and in Guyana, SA. In addition to our on-going programs this year, we intend to bring MOM’s work to India to serve the greatly undeserved in its inner cities and at-risk villages. Our goal is to raise $201,000.00 for the use of scholarship funds in the 2010/2011 program year- a fraction of what we have contributed to MOM’s work since its inception.

Please join us by making a generous donation to MOM so that we may continue our radical work and transformative education in Wise Earth Ayurveda® and Living Ahimsa® and our progressive education and services to a wider audience.

In Loving Service,

Swamini Mayatitananda
Founder of Wise Earth School; Mother Om Mission; Living Ahimsa®

We are grateful for your generous gift to MOM. For each contribution exceeding $100.00 USD, we will thank you with a gift of an autographed copy of Mother Maya's recently published book: Women's Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine; and a specially blessed bookmark with the Mother's inspiring message.