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Stephen, a fourteen year old who lives in Richmond Hill, Queens had a difficult time in school - poor grades, tardiness, frequently absent from classes, and when he attended he was defiant and inattentive. The school's psychologist diagnosed Stephen as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and prescribed Retalin for him. But his mother, Nandi refused to get her son "hooked on drugs". So she spoke to the Stephen's counselor at school who recommended that Stephen took up martial arts or yoga to improve his attention span and energy. But his family could not afford to pay for these activities. A few months later, Nandi had found out about MOM's programs through a flier posted in a local food store. With tears in her eyes, Nandi informed MOM's instructor that God had answered her prayers when she first brought the reluctant Stephen to the center. She confided that there was a profound lack of communication in her family, that her husband was working two jobs to make ends meet and that they rarely spent anytime together as a family. She said that Stephen was "drifting away" and that she could not "reach" her son. Stephen sat in the rear of the classroom like a rock during the first two classes. By the time the third class came, the instructor had succeeded in persuading Stephen to join the class. In fact, Stephen who is very flexible caught on quickly. After two weeks, Stephen would be the first student to arrive for Yoga. He volunteered to assist the instructor with setting up the yoga mats and assisted her with other chores in the classroom. He was also the last to leave. He would first put away the mats and pay his regards to the instructor before leaving. He has even managed to persuade his mother to attend classes with him. As a result, mother and son have grown closer and their communication is vastly improved. It is now three months since Stephen first began doing Yoga. His grades in school are tremendously improved, he is energetic and has actually joined his school's basketball team this season.