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  Case Histories and Testimonials

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.Mr. Watkins who is recovering from alcoholism and has recovered from diabetes through MOM work wrote this letter to MOM:
"I wish to thank everyone at MOM's. Since I began practicing the programs I have been learning at MOM's, I have regained complete health. My energy has improved dramatically. I have learnt to prepared well-balanced, nourishing meals for myself. At first, this took some getting use to. I was clumsy in the kitchen and furious when I burnt the rice and beans but after the initial frustration, I began to feel the joy of cooking and caring for my health. With the help of some mild herbs added to my daily diet, and the breathwork classes, I am now completely free of insulin and all allopathic medicines for that matter. With MOM programs, I am able to maintain my blood sugar at its normal level. I now look forward to deepening my understanding and sense of well-being with Yoga. MOM's instructors have also helped me to heal old family wounds which were created during my countless years of alcoholism".