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  Case Histories and Testimonials

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.Mrs. Ramanand has been suffering for 25 years from spousal abuse which resulted in epileptic spasms, violent nightmares, mental disorder, paranoia, and an inability to function in normal, day to day life. Mrs. Ramanand stood waiting on the street corner outside the lecture hall on the cold winter evening after Mother Maya's first visit and talk to the Caribbean community. As Mother Maya left the hall, Mrs. Ramanand accosted her, and whispered her blood-chilling experience with domestic abuse to her. Mother Maya embraced her and invited her to return the next day when classes were scheduled to begin. That morning, she arrived an hour early, and sat huddled in the back of the room. That day, four classes were scheduled to run simultaneously, while Mother Maya and her assistants consulted with each of the more than two hundred participants who were health-aggrieved. Suddenly, Mrs. Ramanand went into convulsive fits. Mother Maya rushed to her aid and cradled her firmly in her arms. She cajoled Mrs. Ramanand by gently rubbing her head, while rocking her like a baby and singing a soft lullaby. Soon afterwards, Mrs. Ramanand's body relaxed and her convulsions ceased. Two instructors then took Mrs. Ramanand and gently massaged her with warm sesame oil. Mrs. Ramanand sighed with relief all through the massage. An hour later when the massage was completed, Mrs. Ramanand emerged from the room a new person. Within a year of staying with MOM's nutritional and wellness program, Mrs. Ramanand was cured of all her symptoms and has been able to function normally in a full-time job for the first time in 25 years. "Thanks to MOM, I now have a new life, and I am free from fear and pain."