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  Case Histories and Testimonials

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.A testimonial from Wayne, a 50 year old man in Manhattan, New York who was tested positive for HIV and recovered through Wise Earth's work:

Six years ago I was tested positive for HIV. At that time, I decided to pursue a path of healing that centered on natural health care. For two years, I attended programs in New Mexico, and consulted with several holistic physicians, all of whom offered prescriptions for a plethora of herbs, minerals, and so on. Nowhere could I find a complete source for teachings about natural health care, wholesome nutrition and how to put theory into practice until I was introduced by a friend to Wise Earth's programs. By that time, the stresses in my life were spiralling out of control and my body had reached deeper levels of exhaustion. Mother Maya urged me to re-examine my life and prioritize healing practices. She guided me through a three-month retreat of quietude, yoga and nourishing food practices. I've continued to study Wise Earth's programs over the last three years. This fall, viral load testing indicated that there is no detectable virus in my blood and T-cells number 600. I have not used any medicines other than Ayurvedic herbs and foods. I attribute my robust health to the loving guidance I have received from Mother Maya and to the peaceful health practices I have been learning there and applying in my everyday life.